As a leader in its field, Green Fields Agricultural Company exhibits some distinctive core values that can be summarized as follows:

^ Display of integrity at all times through a culture of open communication.
^ Offer value based, environment friendly solutions to our clients
^ Environmental stewardship through improved water use, soil retention and efficient use of resources.
^ Create a culture of trust and mutual cooperationn amongst clients and staff.
^ Provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees.
^ Take complete responsibility for our actions and our results.
As a professionally managed company, Greenfields is committed to creating and developing a strategy of value creation for all its clients.

It does this by following a definitive and well crafted strategy that includes developing a wide portfolio of world class products and services that are best suited the country's climatic conditions; developing and implementing world class methods by blending the diverse skills and capabilities of its people and expanding its footprint regionally as well as globally.